Adult Music Lessons

Our adult program is designed to help adults start any instrument or continue to excel on their skills. Music has many health benefits for our brains and bodies at all ages.

  • Our private lessons are designed just for you! Tell us what you want to work on, and we will help you achieve your goals.

  • Our no pressure and stress-free environment allows you to grow at your own pace and all performance opportunities are optional.

  • Instead of waiting in the lobby, many of our parents/grandparents are inspired to learn and take lessons at the same time as their children/grandchildren.

  • If you are a local musician, highly experienced in your area, or looking to hone in on a specific style, technique, or learn a new instrument/vocals, we welcome you to try our monthly or one-time lessons.

Adult guitar lessons are tailored just for you. Learn how to read tab/music, strum chords, and more.

Adult ukulele lessons are fun and educational. Learn how to read tab/music, strum chords, and more.

Adult strings lessons include violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Excel in learning classical, fiddling, jazz, and more.

Adult piano lessons are designed just for you. Learn how to play your favorite song, chords, and more.

Adult drum lessons are specialized just for you. Learn your favorite rock beats on the drum set or percussion line, explore new rudiments, and more.

Adult vocal lessons or piano/voice lessons give students the options to study just singing or also learn piano and singing in the same lessons.