Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I begin?

Our flexible music lesson programs are designed for you! Each student is unique, and we strive to see your individual needs. We provide a wide variety of classes for all ages to explore. You can register using our online registration for classes or a request form for private lessons or call us at 307-333-6227, and we will be happy to guide you through the enrollment process.


Why should my child study music at an early age?

  • An exposure to music early in life helps children develop neural connections in the brain and develops the whole-child. Music builds confidence, develops social-emotional skills, problems-solving skills, pre-math skills, and fosters creativity!

  • Children enjoy learning with friends and can benefit from each other’s progress through lessons and classes.


Why study at VIBES rather than a private teacher at home?

  • In the VIBES studio environment, students have access to a variety of highly qualified faculty and exposure to all levels of instruction in many instruments.

  • VIBES can schedule two or more family members across multiple instruments all at the same day and time to make lessons and classes more convenient.

  • Vibes has many opportunities for students to perform in the public including, but not limited to: two recitals per year, master classes, enrichment days, competing in competitions at the state and national level, and community performances. We highly encourage all our students to perform when they are ready!

  • Students are welcomed in a safe, warm, and nurturing environment.


What is the teaching schedule?

We offer a year round continuous calendar for all of our lessons and classes. Open enrollment is always on-going for private lessons, so you can start at anytime (based on instructor availability). Additional summer classes run June-August.


What teaching methods are used?

We tailor our teaching to best suit a student’s individual personality and musical goals. Instructors choose appropriate repertoire that fits the needs of each student individually, including: a variety of method books and repertoire in various styles of music. In classes, music is selected to best suit the needs of the whole ensemble.


What styles of music can I learn?

The sky’s the limit! We offer instruction in every style and genre, including but not limited to: classical, jazz, electronic, and pop. Don’t see something you are interested in? Let us know- we will work with you to meet your goals.


I am an adult-Can I take lessons at VIBES?

  • Yes! Our adult programs are designed to help adults start any instrument or continue to excel on their skills. Music has many healthy benefits for our brains and bodies at all ages.

  • Our private lessons are designed just for you! Tell us what you want to work on, and we will help you achieve your goals.

  • Our no pressure and stress-free environment allows you to grow at your own pace, and all performance opportunities are optional. We do offer optional adult recitals to help those students gain confidence, set and accomplish goals, and meet other awesome musicians like themselves!

  • Instead of waiting in the lobby, many of our parents/grandparents are inspired to learn and take lessons at the same time as their children/grandchildren. Ask our front desk for availability and scheduling options.

  • If you are a local musician, highly experienced in your area, or looking to hone in on a specific style, technique, or learn a new instrument/vocals, we welcome you to try our monthly or one-time lessons, too. Many of our instructors are professional musicians and perform throughout the year.


What if my child is interested but not gifted in music?

  • We believe that any exposure to music can positively impact your child’s development in all ares of life. We truly believe that everyone can be a musician when given the proper steps and practice to be successful.

  • Enjoyment and having fun while learning music is first and foremost- we emphasize this process!


How do we choose our instructors?

All of our teachers have vast experience in teaching/performing and have instrument specific degrees or are currently studying music. After a lengthy interview process and background/reference check, we only hire those teachers who are caring, nurturing, and imaginative educators, passionate about their teaching and students!



What if I have special needs?

Everybody is welcome at VIBES.

We celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how big or small. Therapists often recommend our programs to help with physical, emotional, cognitive, or social challenges. Need help determining which class is best for you? Contact us!

Have more questions-Call Us.

We are happy to help!